Gerard Cox - Sculptor

Vibrant vistas - Oil on Canvas

Artist’s Statement - Painting, vibrant vistas exhibition

After twenty years working as a sculptor in the medium of wood I became interested in colour, first through woodblock printing and later in painting. In sculpture my work was based on organic forms, nature and landscape.

Now in painting I try to capture the intensity of life by expressing the spirit of nature through colour. I create movement, vibrancy, rhythm and expression. Each painting celebrates life. Spontaneity is important. Before work is begun the canvas is painted with a light or pale colour. Over a period of days it is brushed with paint from other works in progress. I do not follow a plan or sketch. I prefer to let the paintings evolve as each new colour is applied. I often work on a number of paintings together. Some take longer than others to complete. They are built up in layers over a period of time.

Each painting is unique and a journey into the unknown. I never plan what the finished painting will look like. They evolve. That is the exciting part for me.

Gerard Cox 2007

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Athmosphere 1 Athmosphere 2 Blossom By The River Climate 1

Climate 2 Climate 3 Crosswinds Dry Heat Energy

Flood Forest Hot zone Long Hot Summer 1 Long Hot Summer 2

Market Stall 1 Market Stall 2 Market Stall 3 Monsoon Mystic Zone

Nature Zone Northern Lights Pond Strange Night Summer Shower 1

Summer Shower 2 Vibrant Vistas 1 Vibrant Vistas 2 Vigorous Growth * Great Ocean *

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