Gerard Cox - Sculptor

Infusions - Oil on Canvas

Artist's Statement - Painting, ‘Infusions’Exhibition

Nature and the landscape was my inspiration for this body of work. I have endeavoured to express through colour the energy, the rhythms and the spirit of nature.

Each painting evolved slowly, the layers being built up gradually over a number of weeks. Spontaneity is important to me.

In the beginning, each piece was brushed freely with random colours from across the spectrum. Thus began the journey into the unknown but it was not a journey completely without direction. I have developed over time a series of intuitive 'rules' and methods. Each new layer is applied in response to the previous one. As in nature, I try to discover in the painting the order within the seeming chaos. Some paintings take longer than others to complete. Each is unique. Each is a celebration of Life.

That is what interests and excites me about painting.

Gerard Cox 2008
Infusion 1 Infusion 2 Infusion 3 Infusion 4 Infusion 5
Infusion 6 Infusion 7 Infusion 8 Infusion 9 Another Country 1
Another Country 2 Beyond the Fence 1 Beyond the Fence 2 Flame trees Perfumed River
FlowerStall Undergrowth

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