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Amazon Brookfield Domain Hearth
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Interface Jingle Mirage Noodle House
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Red Knight Yarrow

I have always worked as a sculptor but in the past few years I have begun to work in the medium of print, first in silkscreen and then etching. In January 2000 I began to experiment with woodblock and after some trial and error prints began to take shape. What appealed to me about woodblock was that it involved carving away more of the block as each layer of colour is applied. The process is similar to working on a sculpture as the wood is carved away to reveal the final image. Using a roller ink is applied to the prepared block. These are not traditional woodblock prints. I like to use a lot of ink and textured paper. I use the block to deliver thick layers of colour which build up to create a three dimensional effect with some of the lower layers flecking through to the top. This is the first time I have worked with colour in over twenty years. I am very excited about the print process and about colour. All prints are small editions, between four and nine prints each.

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