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African Journey

In October and November 2002 I made a five week journey across West Africa. From Dakar I traveled east through Senegal to Bamako in Mali. Travelling on through Mali I visited Djenne and Mopti from where it was a three day boat trip up the Niger river to Timbuktu. This was the main reason for the journey. Timbuktu was one place I have always wanted to see. After Timbuktu I went on to the Dogon region before heading south through Burkina Faso and Ghana. The first weeks I was in the landscape of the southern Sahara, an endless view of dry red earth. Not until the rainforests of Ghana did some green appear.

On the trip I made lots of drawings and took many photographs. When I returned I used these as the basis for a series of ten new woodblock prints.

Each print is 49 x 35cm

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Three Days on the Niger Cape Coast Castle Crocodile Pond Ghana Dogon With Shield Kumasi Thunderstorm

Market Day Djenne Ouagadougou Rainforest Sunrise Kakum Forest Ghana Timbuktu

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