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The Moonlit Mezzanine

A trip across West Africa during Ramadan left me curious to find out more about Islam. Since attending the 'Understanding Islam' conference in the Chester Beatty Library in 2004 I have been interested in Islamic art and architecture. This led me to visit Tunisia a number of times. The light at the edge of the desert is so different there. Colours are more vibrant. There is an intensity of brightness that brings everything to life in sharp focus, even in moonlight. Each time I was there I just had to make sketches in colour. Tiles, hats, doorways were covered in brightly coloured geometric designs. Date palms, flowers, sand and sky all radiating light and heat. Crossing the desert we came upon a settlement, a group of strange dwellings, ancient yet futuristic. This was not a mirage. It was a film set from a Star Wars movie. Memories and sketches were later reworked in the studio to make the prints for my exhibition 'The Moonlit Mezzanine'.

Gerard Cox 2008

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When Stars Turn Blue A Door in the Medina Ball and Star Bazaar

Beneath the Palms Desert Archeology Mosaic Towel Oasis

Poolside Happy Hour Red Pool Screen Tunisian Vine

View from the Mezzanine Mezzanine Window

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